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Massachusetts native | California trained | Maine by design

Growing up in a family that liked to build and move often I was an early apprentice on job sites, loved pouring over architectural plans, and was thrilled to tag along for showroom visits.  Shortly after graduating from Brown University my career took me to California where I quickly dove into the interior design sphere and continued my studies at Berkeley.  In San Francisco I was lucky to collaborate with and learn from highly talented designers in the field and worked on inspiring projects that were featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, 1st Dibs, among others.  I specialize in creating contemporary spaces that are warm and inviting.  Having traveled extensively, my design is informed by global flavors, local craftsmanship and custom detailing.   In 2019, with a growing family on its way, we made the exciting decision to move back East to raise our little bambino, get back to our roots, and open up shop.  

Design services range across various scopes: 

Residential, Commercial/Hospitality, Consultations, &  Lifestyle/Events

I’m excited to hear what you have in mind- let's chat!

xx, Molly Q.

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